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Hanoi Art Tour

A great chance to visit all biggest art galleries in town and to meet with Hanoi well known artists at their homes/ studios such as:
Pham Luc Artist
Mai Hien Artist

Price: 105 usd/ Per person ( group of 2people up)

Hanoi Cooking Class

Meet and learnt to cook Vietnamese Pho (rice noodle), Nem (spring roll) with the most famous Hanoi's chef. Madame Anh Tuyet
Tour Prices : 113 USD/ per person

Hire car in Luangprabang - full day
Trip code C-701
Routing Luangprabang city full day
Price 102 $
Validity 31/12/2017

We provide private 16seats van for sightseeing the city Luangprabang in Laos and

Travel schedules:

Pick pick up your hotel at 08.30 am and start the city tour, transfer for lunch included
Pm, city tour again (Not to outside the city, surcharge is applied upon requested), tour end at your hotel at 05.00 Pm

 Hire car included: Driver, road tolls, Parking fees

Suggest: This private van for max 6-10 passengers + small luggages

+ Surcharge for car after 05.00 pm = 20$/ one hour
+ Should you need an English guide = 35$/ working day

For further details, please email us at:

Highlight of Luangprabang city

Laos temples

More pictures of Luangprabang

Wat Xieng Thong is generally considered to be the most historically significant and magnificent of Luang Prabang's temples.

Set near the confluence of the Mekong and Khan rivers, with a sweeping two-tiered roof and elaborate mosaics, this large temple epitomizes the classic Luang Prabang style.

The original temple was built in 1560 under the royal patronage of King Setthathirath and was the site of royal coronations and festivals for centuries to follow. A historical quirk spared the temple from damage during the Black Flag invasion in 1887: While many of Luang Prabang's temples were razed, Wat Xieng Thong was spared because the leader of the invasion, Deo Van Tri, spent time as a novice monk in the temple when he was a young man.

Despite surviving Laos' tumultuous history, the temple could not stand the force of time and nature and was remodelled during the 1960s. While the original form of the temple was maintained, the roof was repaired, the entrance was gilded, and the walls were redecorated with lacquer and gold leaf.

The temple compound is dominated by the central sim, but other structures include many stupas, a drum tower, monk quarters, a library and a chapel. The chapel (known as the Red Chapel by the French) contains a revered reclining Buddha which is believed to date back to the wat's original construction.

On the rear wall of the sim you'll notice a glass mosaic of a large tree. This image relates to a legend surrounding the temple's origins. The story holds that two hermits settled at the temple's present location, choosing to place it near a large flame tree and the junction of the two rivers.

waterfall in Luangprabang

Waterfall in Laos

Our Transportation Services include:

+ Airport Transfers :
Hanoi, Hai phong, Dong Hoi, Hue, Danang, Nha Trang, Dalat, Hochiminh, Can Tho, Phu Quoc, Sapa
+ Seaport Transfers: Hai Phong, Cai lan (Halong), Tien sa (danang), Chan may (Hue), Vung Tau, Saigon
+ Long journeys departing from:  Hanoi, Hue, Hoi an, Nha Trang, Hochiminh, Can Tho, Sapa, Bac Ha, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar

Day Bookings also available! You can book a car/ Bus for a whole day or for a few hours for which the service will be charged at an hourly basis.

-Airport transfer Inclusion of:
Road, bridge tolls, parking fees of day time( not night time), gasoline, car insurance and professional, licensed driver ( at least 4years of driving experience).

- Airport transfer Exclusion of:
Overnight parking fee (outside the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh).

And all other not mentioned in the routings

Car conditions:
Last moderns of 2010,2011,2012 with air-conditioning, seat-belts

Type of Car:
Ford , Mecerdes, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Huyndai

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