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Hanoi Art Tour

A great chance to visit all biggest art galleries in town and to meet with Hanoi well known artists at their homes/ studios such as:
Pham Luc Artist
Mai Hien Artist

Price: 105 usd/ Per person ( group of 2people up)

Hanoi Cooking Class

Meet and learnt to cook Vietnamese Pho (rice noodle), Nem (spring roll) with the most famous Hanoi's chef. Madame Anh Tuyet
Tour Prices : 113 USD/ per person


Halong Bay- Vietnam

Halong Bay is a must to see place when travel to Vietnam, this bay is some 3 hours away from Hanoi (165km), a great place for cruise trip of 2days 1night.

Hire car in Hanoi

Halong bay :


With the release of the hidden escape islands, such as stray visitors to the spectacular caves, many hidden historical evidence. How about 8km from Ha Long City's Van Canh Island, also known as Canh Doc Island. In the Unified Dai Nam books even record: "Hon Canh Doc halfway up the island have been widely contains several thousand people". Today, through research, Van Canh island 189m peak, shaped like a throne holding two magnificent caves are located protruding Dau Go and Thien Cung above mystery. Two caves 100m apart, so be interconnected by winding paths, winding. Guests stepped into the door Thien Cung was overwhelmed by the glamor, the diversity. High vertical cliff and is surrounded by a stone wall and on how much the image that is strange, attractive, compelling the viewer. It is the image of South Cao, Dipper, nymph is dancing, people and birds, flowers, party animals are very lively, fun that just might be all of nature's masterpieces.

Picture of Halong Bay and cruise trips of 2days 1night

Halong bay Views from seaplane

Halong bay Views from The Seaplane


This area is called Tip top area (Near the Ti Top beach that located at midle of Halong bay)


Over view of Halong bay

Halong bay

There is some floating villages where the fishing family lives (their home is built on a fish farms)

Halong mountains and bay

Halong mountains and bay


Halong dragon

Many boat junks in Halong bay has a head of a dragon at front of the boat (Halong bay is mean where the dragon came down water)

Halong boats

Boats in halong bay

Halong boat

Most of boat junks in Halong bay has a sail and they looked very colorful from the distance

Halong bay

View Halong bay from Sung sot cave


 Halong mountains and bay

Wonderful scenic view of Halong mountains and Water from the Sky

Halong bay at sunset time

Halong boat

this view is from top of Sung Sot Cave, a really huge cave in Halong bay (must to visit this cave)

Halong bay

Great view of Halong bay

Halong bay

Halong bay scenery

Great view from the Sung Sot Cave, some 4 hours away from Halong dock

Halong fisherman

Many people who live in floating villages in midle of Halong bay has this small floating shop, they sell from candy to cold beer or local fruits

sung sot cave

We are in a big cave (called sung Sot Cave), some 400meters long and 100meter high (like a football field)

Halong bay dock

Halong bay dock where you will take your boat for cruise trips, they have 3other docks for some other boat companies

(make sure you find a right one for cruise trip), most boats are departed at 12.00 and arrival back in Halong dock at 11.00am in next day

Red River Delta from Hanoi to Halong bay

Red River Delta from Hanoi to Halong bay

Red River Delta from Hanoi to Halong bay

Red River Delta from Hanoi to Halong bay

Halong bay view

Halong bay, a must place to see on earth

Halong bay is some 30 minutes flight by Seaplane from Hanoi

Seaplane to Halong water

The Seaplane deaprts daily from Noi Bai airport and landing in Halong water, takes just 30 minutes flight

Seaplane in Halong bay

Seats cabin on the Hai au Seaplane

Cabin of Seaplane

Cabin of Seaplane

The Seaplane is landing in Halong water

The Seaplane is landing in Halong water

Halong boats

Most boats in Halong bay offer with a deluxe cabin (twin rooms), in the private cabin has a private bathroom/ hot water, all meals is served with fresh local seafood

halong boat cabin

Some rooms are big for special guests of Honeymoon Trips

Halong bay boats

Dinning cabin where all people will have lunch, dinner and breakfast

halong boat

Some boat staffs are ready for serving meals for the guest
On arrival Halong dock, you get on boat and starts cruise, at the same time they will ready to serve for lunch

halong tender

Most of big boat has a tender to transfer from mother boat to visit some places such as Cave or transfer you to the beach


halong market

There is a market in town of Halong,where you can buy some local fishes too

halong boats

More boats picture of Halong bay for your choices
we offer with boats from 2 cabins to 35 cabins and from charter boats to shared boat cruises
from 2days 1night to 1weeks

halong boats

Halong boats

Halong boats

The luxury Bhaya Boat in Halong Bay

Halong boats

Bhaya luxury boat

Halong boats

Emeraude boat

Halong emeraude boat

Halong emeraude boat is a really deluxe boat

Halong emeraude boat_cabin

Halong emeraude boat offer with great cabins

Halong emeraude boat with dinning room

Halong emeraude boat offer with a luxury dinning room for all guests

Halong boats

Dinning cabin on boat in Halong luxury boat

Halong boats

The paradise luxury boat

Halong boats

Real luxury cabin

Halong boats

Halong boat

Room on boat


halong luxury boats

Emotion boat in Halong, this boat can provide enough rooms for a smal incentive group up 65 passengers

halong boat

Charter boat for MICE in Halong bay with the Emotion boat, will be a great choice for working trip cums vacation in Vietnam

Pictures of Bien Ngoc Boats in Halong bay


Bien Ngoc boat, Halong bay

Bien Ngoc boat in the midle of Halong bay

Bien Ngoc boat, Halong bay

Bien Ngoc boat offers with 2days Halong cruises, or 3days cruises or charter boats

Bien Ngoc boat, Halong bay

Bien Ngoc deluxe boat, a very good choice for your cruise Halong bay of 2days 1night

Bien Ngoc boat, Halong bay

Deluxe double beds on Bien Ngoc boat, Halong bay

Bien Ngoc boat, Halong bay

Bien Ngoc boat, Halong bay

Bien Ngoc boat, Halong bay


Bien Ngoc boat, Halong bay - Bien Ngoc Charter Cruises 3 days 2 night

Bien Ngoc boat, Halong bay




The Star of the Seas II - Bien Ngoc 08 - Halong Charter Boats -3Days

Halong bay, vietnam

Halong bay, vietnam

Aclass Boat- Halong

Aclass Boat- Halong

Aclass Cabin- Halong boat

Aclass Deluxe Cabin

 Aclass Legend cruise Halong- twin cabin

 Aclass Legend cruise Halong- Twin cabin

 Aclass Legend cruise Halong

 Aclass Legend cruise Halong

 Aclass Legend cruise Halong

 Aclass Legend cruise Halong- Suite Cabin


Aclass Boat- bathroom

Aclass Bathroom on boat

Aclass dining room

Aclass Boat- the dinining room on boat

Dining Cabin aclass cruise Halong

Dining Cabin Aclass Legend

 Aclass Legend cruise Halong

Sundesk Aclass Legend


on the sundesk of aclass Halong

on the sundesk of aclass Halong

Sun set over the bay in halong

Sun set over the bay in halong, a highlight of cruise trip 2 days 1night

Cruise in Halong bay

Cruise in Halong bay, there is some over 400 cruise boats for your choice in Halong bay

Seaplane fly over Halong bay

Halong bay, vietnam with 1969 islands (Seaplane fly over Halong bay before Landing to the water)

Sung sot cave view, halong

a great view from sung sot cave, some 4 hours away from halong dock

Halong bay

Travel by Seaplane to Halong bay is a great way to discover the bay and mountains from the high sky

Cruise boat halong bay

Cruise halong with deluxe boat, Vietnam pathfinder offers with wide ranges from 4cabins to 36 cabins boats

boat cabin, halong

All private cabins are deluxe twin share cabins

Halong Paradise cruise

Halong Paradise cruise, a Luxury Cruise in Halong bay

Halong Paradise cruise, cabins

Halong Paradise cruise, the luxury Cabins

Paradise luxury Cruise cabin

Paradise luxury Cruise cabin in Halong bay

Bathroom on the Paradise luxury Cruise

Luxury facility on Paradise Cruises

Dining room on the Paradise luxury Cruise

Luxury Restaurant on the Paradise Cruises

Halong Paradise cruise, best restaurant on boat

Halong Paradise cruise, great view from boat restaurant

clients of vietnam pathfinder

Do not forget to take a picture before leaving our boat

Have a wonderful trip!

Halong cruise map

Cruise Map of 2days 1night Halong bay

For Halong bay cruises, please email us at:


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