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Vietnam Charter Flights - Private Charter Helicopters

Vietnam Charter Flights with Mi-17/ Mi-172/ EC-225 private charter helicopters for Northern flights (from Gia Lam Heliport) and Southern flights (from Tan Son Nhat Heliport)for business trip, tourism, photography..


Vietnam Charter Flights

vietnam helicopter charter
Vietnam pathfinder provides private charter helicopters
Hanoi-Danang-HCM city

 ( We are the only one company on offer charter helicopters on the North Vietnam with 2 MI 172 in operation)

1/ AW189 helicopter

The AW189 helicopter, manufactured by AgustaWestland S.P.A, has been developed based on AW149 fuselage and AW139 offshore features, the popular aircraft with 650 sold during the last 10 years.

The AW189 made its first flight on 21 December 2011, then officially introduced in February 2014. Up to now, 20 AW189 helicopters has been delivered to customers. 

Maximum take-off weight: 8,600 kg

Maximum Seating: 16 seats

Maximum Range: 907 km

 AW189 helicopter

2/ EC 225 Helicopter

EC 225 is the new version of the Super Puma generation manufactured by Airbus helicopters (France). The helicopter has integrated latest technological innovation with 2 Turbomeca Makila 2A1 engines, advanced avionics & controlling systems ensuring excellence in offering high payload, long range and high speeds. The helicopter is designed specifically for offshore mission serving oil & gas industry and other missions such as VIP transportation, search and rescue and medevac…
Manufactured: Airbus helicopters (France)
Maximum take-off weight: 11,000 kg
Maximum Seating: 19 seats 
Maximum Range: 987 km

EC 225 Helicopter charter with VPT

3/ Super Puma AS 332L2 Helicopter

Super Puma AS 332L2 manufactured by Airbus helicopters (France) is powered by 2 Makila 1A2 engines with a performance of 2104 HP. With an extensive range of operations and a  spacious cabin, the Super Puma AS 332L2 is a highly successful helicopter in the arena of passenger transportation, particularly in offshore support.

Manufactured: Airbus helicopters (France)

Maximum take-off weight: 9,300 kg

Maximum Seating: 19 seats

Maximum Range: 851 km

 Super Puma AS 332L2 Helicopter charter with VPT

4/ EC 155B1 Helicopter

EC 155B1 manufactured by Airbus helicopters is powered by 2 Arriel 2C2 engines and equipped with latest technology. It is the latest version of the Dauphin family famous for its versatility and comfort.

 Having a five-blade Spheriflex® rotor head with an extremely low vibration level and performing at a noise level under 4.6 dB (below ICAO permitted level), EC 155B1 is suitable for offshore transportation and VIP transportation.

 Manufactured: Eurocopter (France)

Maximum take-off weight: 4,800 kg 

Maximum Seating: 8 - 12 seats 

Maximum Range: 874km

 EC 155B1 Helicopter charter

5/ MI-172 Helicopter

MI-172, manufactured by Kazan Helicopters (Russia) and powered by 2 TV3-117VM engines, is a type widely utilized  for its versatility, multi-mission capability, high performance and reliability. VNH has been successfully operating this type for oil & gas support & VIP transportation. 

Manufactured: Kazan Helicopters (Russia)

Maximum take-off weight: 13,000 kg

Maximum Seating: 22 seats

Maximum Range: 620 km

 MI-172 Helicopter charter

6/ Mi-17-1V Helicopter

Mi-17-1V is manufactured by Kazan Helicopters (Russia), powered by 2 TV3-117VM engines. This is an reliable and excellent multi-mission helicopter. VNH has been successfully operating this helicopter for oil & gas support, MIA program, tourism and other services. 

Manufactured: Russia 

Maximum take-off weight: 13,000 kg

Maximum Seating: 22 seats

Maximum Range: 610 km

 Mi-17-1V Helicopter

7/ The Bell 505 Helicopter

The Bell 505 is an American/Canadian light helicopter developed and produced by Bell Helicopter. The Bell 505 was unveiled at the 2013 Paris Airshow in June 2013 as the Bell  and officially introduced in March 2017.

Vietnam Helicopters (VNH) is now operating 02 Bell 505s for sightseeing in Ha Long Bay with 12-, 25-, 40-minute tours and for charter at customers’ demand. 

- Manufactured: Bell Helicopter (American/Canadian)

- Maximum take-off weight: 1,669 kg 

- Maximum Seating: 4 seats 

- Maximum Range: 566 km


 The Bell 505 Helicopter charter
The Bell 505 Helicopter

vietnam chartered helicopters


Vietnam Pathfinder Travel is  among a few travel companíe based in Hanoi Capital are licensed to provide the Helicopter for Lease - Tourism and  With:

- 28 modern helicopters of 5 to 24 seating capacity;

- A network of bases;

- 50 approved air routes to most of attractive tour destinations (Ha Long, Ninh Binh, Cat Bi, Mong Cai, Lao Cai, Sapa, Dien Bien Phu, Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa, Vinh, Hue, Da Nang, Vung Tau, Con Dao, Can Tho, Ca Mau, Phu Quoc...) 

VPT collaborate with VNH offers you the extremely fascinating and memorable experience of birds-eye sightseeing.  

Besides the main activities, VPT collaborate with VNH also provide helicopter services for other demands including: 

-     Aerial photography, film shooting

-     Sportive and cultural events


-     Cargo sling

-     Search & Rescue

-     We also provide licensed local English, French, Spainish, Japanese, Russian speaking tour guides to escort with the helicopter charter flights at all three parts of Northern - Central - Southern Vietnam

-    We also provide charter limousines vans, luxury cars for land transfer at the heliports (Gia Lam, Vung Tau, Tan Son Nhat heliports)



EC 155 B1 helicopter charter in Hanoi

EC 155 B1 helicopter charter in Gia Lam heliport, Hanoi (among 3 most popular in our Northern Flight Services)

We offer some charter flights from Gia Lam heliport to Halong, Lao Cai, Cat Ba, Dien Bien Phu


Vietnam charter helicopters - Updated rates 2019




Type of helicopter



Max capacity (Number of seats)

Unit price (USD/hour) (Updated 2019)


Without passenger

With Passenger

For tourist



For medical emergency

For shooting and survey

To simple topography

To complex topography

















EC 155B1








 For Popular flight routes : Hanoi (Gia Lam Heliport)- Halong city (Giap Heliport)-Hanoi:


Type of helicopter

Max capacity (number of seats)

Chater rate(USD/helicopter)

One way


Mi -17




Mi – 172




EC 155 B1




 (Email us at: for a best rates)


* Notes:

-          The price above is inclusive of 10% VAT and insurance for passenger.

-          The transport capacity of helicopter still depends on the distance from main operatinonal base to the nearest auxiliary landing point.

-          Medical emergency flight:                06 pax/Mi helicopter

-          Shooting and surveying flight:       06 pax/Mi helicopter


 Other additional charge

- Fee for application of flying permission ( if any) :     300 USD

- Rest over night fees(out of Gia Lam Heliport only):500 USD/Heli/the first night

                                                                              1,000 USD/Heli/the second night

- Take-off, landing fees & navigation fee at a commercial airport(if any): 150 USD

- Fee for surveying and preparing extra landing fields:

 + Northern: 500 – 800 USD 

+ Central: 800 USD

 + Southern: 1,000 USD

 -  Other fee ( if any): At actual charge

Insurance policy:

The above helicopter rates include passenger, baggage an cargo insurance. The passenger liability insurance: US$ 150,000/Mi & US$ 300,000/EC 155 B1 for each passenger, any one occurrence. In case the customers want to insure with the amount which is in excess of the amount of this items, the customers must arrange themselves with an insurance company they like to accept.

 vietnam charter helicopters




Special flights with seaplane for Hanoi-Halong Bay

Seaplane Hai au- Charter plane

Seaplane Hai au- Charter plane


Our Cessna Caravan C208 EX aircraft are 2014 models and registered VN-B468 and VN-B469. In June 2014, we picked the aircraft up from Cessna's factory in Wichita Kansas and flew them to Wipaire Inc. in St Paul, Minnesota where Wipline 8750 amphibious floats are fitted. The aircraft were then flown to Vietnam via California, Hawaii, Marshall Islands and the Philippines, a journey taking approximately 60 hours.

The Caravan is the largest single-engine float plane currently manufactured and has proven itself to be one of the most reliable, cost effective and, most importantly, safest aircraft ever built. The amphibious floats offer the ultimate in flexibility and allow us to fly to any suitable water or runway landing area.

General Characteristics
Crew: Two pilots
Capacity: 12 passengers
Length: 12.67m (42ft)
Wingspan: 15.9m (52ft)
Height: 5 m (16ft)
Empty: 2810kg (6180lb)
Loaded: 4119kg (9062lb)
Useful load: 1309kg (2880lb)
Powerplant: 1 PT6A- 140, 867hp (720 kW)
Cruise speed: 260 km/h

Seaplane Hai au- Charter plane with water landing Halong bay


Seaplane Hai au- Charter plane with water landing Halong bay

30 Minute Flight

Say farewell to Hanoi as depart from the Noi Bai International Airport by seaplane to the coastal port town of Halong Bay. Enjoy fabulous aerial views over the countryside and experience the thrill of a water landing at the Tuan Chau Marina.

Cessna Caravan C208 EX aircraft are 2014 models- seaplane

Cessna Caravan C208 EX aircraft are 2014 models- First seaplane in Vietnam

Charter Seaplane for Water Landing Halong Bay

Or Other flight routes:

Saigon- Mui Ne (Phan Thiet)
Saigon -  Can Tho (Mekong Delta)
Halong Scenic flight (25 minutes)

Charter Boat Halong Bay

Charter Boat Halong Bay
On arrival Halong city (Both for seaplane or helicopter), we will have a local guide and charter limousine van to pick up and transfer to our charter boat for 2days 1night cruise Halong World Heritage

Charter Limousine vans

Charter Limousine vans at all cities, heliports in Vietnam to ready for your private transfer that together with our outstanding charter helicopter rental

Charter Luxury Car -Mercedes E-300

Charter Luxury Car -Mercedes E-300


Hai Au Seaplane is ready for water landing Halong bay

Please contact us at or call (084) 91 3323 977

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