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Hanoi Art Tour

A great chance to visit all biggest art galleries in town and to meet with Hanoi well known artists at their homes/ studios such as:
Pham Luc Artist
Mai Hien Artist
Bui Duc Artist

Price: 85 usd/ Per person ( group of 2people)

Hanoi antique tours

Meet the biggest local antique collectors in Hanoi + Visit the unique and rare antiques that not be able to see at Museum
NO other travel agents in Hanoi could offer this special trip - Only us. Price: Just 110 usd/ Per person


Halong Cruise 2Days with Aclass Legend

  Full equipped luxury en-suite cabin with A/C, hot water +  All meals on board (02 lunches, 01 dinner, 01 breakfast) + Tai Chi + Cookery demonstration +  Kayaking + Shuttle bus (round trip) + Internet wifi on dining room + English guide and More..
Cabin Prices = 150 USD/ per person/ Twin share Deluxe Cabin


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