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Kiteboarding & Windsurfing in Mui Ne Bay

Mui Ne is quickly becoming a South East Asian Mecca for kiteboarding and windsurfing.

Mui Ne has the best conditions in all of Asia for water sports because it has Asia's strongest and most consistent cross-onshore winds and the lowest rainfall in Vietnam. Every day is a perfect day.


Kitesurf in Mui Ne Bay, one of watersports is very popular

Kitesurf attracts people who love the adventure when coming in here


The area is often referred to by the water sports industry as "Mui Ne Bay," although the bay is more correctly the "Bay of Phan Thiet" (Phan Thiet is the provincial capital of Binh Thuan Province and lies in the center of the bay).


Depths in the bay are irregular, and a bank with depths of less than 5.5m, extends 1.5 miles west of Mui Ne. The true name of Mui Ne Beach is actually "Rang" but the tourist industry refers to it as Mui Ne, after the village on the point.


There are currently about a dozen Kiteboarding centers in Mui Ne and the competition is fierce. Resorts have taken note of the popularity of the sport, and new teaching centers are bound to pop up all over the beach. Just a few years ago you might see just a couple of kites and sails on the water during an afternoon. These days it can be quite a spectacle. Not all kite centers are created equal.


There are a lot of inexperienced amateurs with fly-by-night instructors opening new centers at resorts every season. We've made your choice much easier by choosing only the best, certified, and most experienced kite centers.

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