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Vietnam humanitarian volunteer work- Trips

Vietnam humanitarian volunteer works and Trips with Vietnam pathfinder
Visit the Dieu Giac Orphanage Centre in HCM city
Visit the Dieu Giac Orphanage Centre in HCM city
Visit the Hue - Duc Son Orphanage - Pagoda in Hue (Nun Thic Nu Minh Duc in Pagoda)
Visit the Hue - Duc Son Orphanage - Pagoda in Hue (Nun Thic Nu Minh Duc in Pagoda)

Student groups with School trip with Vietnam pathfinder
Student groups with School trip with Vietnam pathfinder
Student groups with School trip Vietnam (meet the local ethnic group)

Student groups with School trip Vietnam (meet the local ethnic group)

Contact to visit the local Orphanage Centre in the central provinces of Vietnam :

Danang :

1/ Vocational Training Center

The Da Nang Vocational Training Center for disabled children under Da Nang Red Cross Association provides care and fees for vocational training for disabled children in Da Nang city and Quang Nam Province. The center cares for 60 wonderful children, most of which live full time at the center. The center has 6 classrooms, 5 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, one new dining room and one bathroom. Brittany's Hope has a partnership with the center to provide vocational training classes: sewing, screen-printer, embroidery, incense making plus bead and painting classes.

2/ Street Children's Center - An NGO in Vietnam that was established in 1991 to provide social services to orphans, street children and children in dire poverty in Central Vietnam. Various humanitarian programs have been completed amongst the community. Presently, more than 500 children living inside or outside of family locations are getting direct or indirect support from the Danang Street Children Program.

3/ Red Cross Orphanage - The Da Nang Orphanage was set up in 1994 by the Da Nang Red Cross Association. There are 12 staff and 36 children, 8 of which are handicapped. The center is not operated by the government; funds are from NGO's and from Vietnamese and foreign donations.

Nha Trang :


1/ Ninh Hoa Center - Ninh Hoa Center for Disabled Children has 41 children and 14 staff. The children residing at the center are all disabled children (hearing problems, paralytic, mental deficiencies) and came from extreme improvised backgrounds. Their family does not have the financial ability to care and meet the special needs of the child; hence the government implemented a center to help these children. Their budget is limited and wasn't able to provide uniforms, which are required to attend school, or bikes which cause the children to walk up to 9 miles each way, everyday.

2/ Khanh Hoa Social Protection - Khanh Hoa Social Protection Center has 104 children in total and 187 homeless elderly people. The orphanage is part of the Khanh Hoa Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs. The budget for the orphanage is extremely limited and does not allow for upkeep, renovation or upgrades to the facilities. Additionally, the center is short of many items, making it difficult to full meet the needs of the children. This center requested we assist them in providing shoes, playground equipment and a buffet for the children.

3/ Cam Ranh House of Love Orphanage - The center was founded in 1995 by a group of Catholic Sisters serving in Cam Ranh. It is a nongovernmental organization that receives its funding from donors such as Brittany's Hope Foundation. In 2005, BHF became the HOL's main supporter, we provided funds to renovate the center (a new kitchen, fixed a leaky roof, built flood walls for the rainy season, installed water purifying system, and expansion of living quarters for children). In addition BHF provides sponsorship of all children residing at the HOL.

Contact to visit the local Orphanage Centre in HCM city :

Tam Binh Orphanage

Address: 273 National Route 1A, Binh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc District, HCM City
Tel: (+84) 837 294 935
Fax: (+84) 837 293 765

The Tam Binh orphanage is where orphans and handicapped children are admitted, taken care of, and educated. In total, there are 242 children, ranging from infants to 18 year-old adults, and they were originally beggars, abandoned infants, orphans, physically disable children, and the ones affected by Agent Orange. Before these children were sent to the center, the majority had suffered from serious illness, diseases, or been in malnutrition whereby they need special care.

Linh Xuan Orphanage

Address: 30/3 Ba Giang (Street 5), Linh Xuan Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Tel: (+84) 837 24 1 445

Linh Xuan Orphanage was founded as another branch of Tam Binh Orphanage by the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs. As for the key function, the center has been built and developed with the aim of providing the home for HIV-infected orphans with the age from 0 to 16, and more importantly bringing them the care and education which can help them have a better life in the future. The special thing the center’s associates always have a strong desire to do is to integrate those children with the society outside by sending them to schools like the other normal ones.

Dieu Giac Orphanage

Address: 177 Tran Nao, Binh An Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (+84) 837 400 530
Fax: (+84) 83740-6158

Dieu Giac Orphanage located right inside Dieu Giac Pagoda was established in August 25th,1989. This is just a U-shaped house with two rows of rooms which are the dormitory of orphans and abandoned children. In the house’s center, there is a specialized area where these children study and take place in group activities. At the present time, the number of children admitted to the orphanage is 100, and it is estimated that this number will continue increasing while facilities for their basic living demands and study are still in deficiency.

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

Address: 38 Tu Xuong Street, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (+84) 893 22 738

The children’s foundation was established in 1989 by Christina Noble – an Irish women who lived with an unhappy childhood of the separation from their family. Spending many years at her orphanage was also one of the reasons why she decided to bring the home for orphanages and abandoned children. During the time of war in Vietnam, she had saw too much about this country in the news and realized that Vietnamese children were seemingly imploring her to take them from napalm bombings to safety. Eventually, she arrived in Vietnam and set up the center with various programs which give the brighter future to thousands of unlucky children. These are the programs regarding health care, education, and community development.

Huynh De Nhu Nhia Center

- The cetner is a non governmental organization, operated by a gropu of Catholic Sisters. It is located in the South, nearby Ho Chi Minh City. The Sisters are committed to taking care/educating handicapped children, especially the blind children who were abandoned or are from improvised backgrounds in remote areas of South Vietnam. The center's goal is to provide the students with adequate shelter as well as education/vocational training to aid these students in becoming productive members of society. The education this center provides is tailored to the special needs of the students. Presently, the center has 30 vision impaired students with the age range of 5 to 20 years old (all girls).

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